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Rescue! Big Bag...
Capture up to 40,000 filth and nuisance flies. Just add water and hang outdoo...
$12.95 CAD
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4 gallons (4 x 3.79L) of Mosquito Barrier = one case. Save more when you buy ...
$519.80 CAD
2 gallons (3.79L) of Mosquito Barrier with a 15 L Back Pack Sprayer

$358.90 CAD
2 gallons (3.79L) of Mosquito Barrier.

Shake, dilute and spray. Enjoy the...
$289.90 CAD
1 gallon (3.79L) of Mosquito Barrier and a 4 gallon back pack sprayer

$224.90 CAD
Each case consists of 72 individual monitors or 18 sets of 4.
The bed bug mo...
$161.82 CAD
$179.82 CAD
Mosquito Barrier - 3.79 L (1 US gal)

Shake, dilute and spray. Enjoy the o...
$149.95 CAD
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Insect Control
Mosquito Barrier
Orange Guard Home Pest Co...
Bed Bug
Rescue! Insect Traps
Insect Lights
Spray Equipment
Bird & Goose Control
Rodent Control
Avian Control® is registered for use on numerous crops to prevent damage fro...
$549.00  CAD
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